Danny and Dogs


A well trained canine can bring joy to your entire family. A healthy emotional bond between you and your canine can be formed by reducing conflict and adding positive reinforcement training. Canine etiquette not only benefits you and your dog, it also benefits others. A well trained canine is less likely to upset people and pets in public places, and will be more welcoming outside your home.

Canine ownership has increased by 10 million since 2000, as many families are now enjoying the companionship of a canine. While most families have enjoyed the addition of a “Canine” to their family, most have not provided basic obedience training that can add years of pleasure and less stress. Canine obedience adds more than just a good sit at the food bowl; it also stimulates your canine’s instinct as you are looked to for social bond and positive support.

Canines by nature are pack animals with a defined social order. As you and your family become your canine’s pack, your canine will look to you, the leader of the pack for guidance. Much like people, every canine is different. Regardless of the differences, training is necessary for all canines and beneficial to your entire family.

Starting today with basic obedience training will create a positive safe environment for your canine companion and will give you confidence in knowing that your canine will respond to your commands.  

“If you don’t train me, don’t blame me”

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